• Our Mission
    You thought we are here just to provide you with study materials? That\'s far from the truth. We are here to make PFP and international law!
  • What's PFP?
    PFP stands for People\'s Forest Project which means you are going to do something other than murdering our planet. In simpler terms, you are going to secure a college admission only if you have 10 trees planted and procured by you!

Target October 2014

We have set October 2014 our next target point. With that met, the town will be a hub of hyperactivity. Science, Business Studies (XI and XII), History, Geography and Economics.

  1. Science II

    We have found that science lessons attract ten times more visitors to this site than English does. Enjoy learning your science subjects from class V onwards. Our teachers and writers are busy preparing science lessons covering classes V, VI, VII, VIII, IX and X and Biology for CBSE XII. 

  2. Business Studies

    Business Studies have gained greater importance in the last few years. We promise you all the chapters for class XII CBSE by October. 

  3. Biology

    Those who like to understand Biology is a different way with least words and great ease, here are your biology lessons. We have the first few biology chapters developed already!

  4. Social Studies

    We cannot disappoint those who seek history, geography, civics, political science and economics. Come October, you have them all for the final exams. 


About Us

We are a group of teachers committed to providing educational content, online classes, prepare notes on demand and home tuitions and seminars in cities like Dubai, Doha and Delhi.

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    Mobile +91 9810740061 email bejewjohn@gmail.com 

    Call us any time to discuss your doubts, avail an online class or to know anything about us.

  2. Ask Us

    You can ask us questions for sure answers in 5 to 10 hours. Click HERE to ask us your first Questions.

  3. Our Institutes

    We have a dozen institutes in Delhi and Dubai where we teach English, History, Business Studies, Economics and Biology, strictly CBSE. Visit one of our centres or call us for an appointment.

  4. Our Products

    We sell booklets prior to all major examinations. Most of our booklets cost a maximum price of $1 or less. You can buy these valuable booklets to better prepare for your next day’s exam. These booklets are available 24 hours before certain exams and you can buy them online, using your credit or credit cards.