Have you ever estimated how many trees are being cut for making furniture for our homes, schools and offices? If the number surprises you, here is a shocking fact about the trees cut for manufacturing paper for our books, guides, drawing sheets and much more - almost a half more! There are so many ways we can save our trees that can save the earth. Learn online. There is our Google, Wikipedia and a hundred other reliable online libraries. Make the maximum use of them and refrain from buying paper books.

  • Peter's Day to Die

    Peter Stevenson's dead body lay in the intensive care unit for a month. Doctors had said that his was a rare case of brain-death but none of them had any idea what the spirit of a brain-dead person like Peter could do. 

  • The Evolution of Gods

    "Gods are no Supermen or Spidermen. Gods, in the simplest words, are pre-humans, a group of people, much like humans in stature, much otherwise too, who had migrated to planets yonder when they found it hard to stay on the earth for some unknown reasons."

  • 30: 03

    While the boisterous world went ahead with its daily chore, six people wondered at the 30 minutes and 3 seconds during which only they could move around and live! What was this phenomenon all about?