Should Wizard Hit Mommy – John Updike

Children have to respect their parents and at the most obey them and admire them but there are chances when parents take wrong decisions and children happen to question them.

On the Face of It – Susan Hill

Ever since Derry had his wonderful face burnt with acid, he began to run away from people, places, crows and from himself. He was advised by his mother not to everyone in their new neighborhood. In spite of warnings he met someone - his door to a new world!

Going Places – AR Barton

Sophie belonged to a poor British family but she could not accept the fact. She lived in a world of dreams and lies. By telling such lies and discussing her plans with friends like Jancy, she enjoyed Going to her Dreamy Worlds!

A Thing of Beauty – John Keats

There are times in lives when we go without any direction, any happiness, any friend, any expectation. Just darkness inside and outside. Loneliness. John Keats asks us to hear the voice of the beautiful things.

Rattrap – Selma Lagerloff

A peddler who hated rich people for their being rude with him was once respected and treated as an Army captain. It was all a matter of misunderstanding but for the peddler it was an opportunity to change his life and attitude.

An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum – Stephen Spender

Stephen Spender presents the sad face of an elementary school in a poor country. The children are poverty stricken, their lessons are what they do not need and their teacher is a greedy businessman.

Tiger King – Kalki

Story of an Indian king who pledged to kill 100 tigers to challenge his fate. When he was 10 days old (or 10 days new) an astrologer predicted his death at the hands of a tiger.

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